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“Fit-for-Purpose Product Development.”

Services covering all New Product Development and Existing Product Development for Restaurants, Food-to-Go, Foodservice and Consumer Packaged Goods:


  • Strategic planning & competitor analysis: taste, price, positioning.
  • Market | Demand data supporting your sector and category.
  • Ideas & concepts: products, ranges, full menus.


  • Recipe formulation process: Flavour profile, quality, stability, sample tasting rounds.
  • Back of pack: Nutrition facts, ingredients listing, allergens check, cooking instructions, other labelling regulations.
  • Health claim building and initial ‘Evidence File’.
  • Ingredients sourcing.
  • Food technical solutions: ambient, chilled, frozen.
  • Packaging solutions.
  • Initial product costings & margins.
  • Recipes fit for presentation to manufacturers or chef/production teams.


  • Shelf life testing management with third party UKAS accredited laboratories.
  • Prototypes for board, investor or buyer meetings.
  • Short-run production of samples for events.
  • Information sharing on ways to achieve initial consumer feedback.

“Scaling up for Success.”

  • Manufacture & packing contact sharing and sourcing.
  • Assist manufacturer and client with recipe scale up, processing and packing solutions.
  • Assist manufacturer and client with ingredient, equipment and packaging sourcing.
  • Business Plan creation with Market | Demand data appendix for your sector and category.
  • Multi-site management strategy for Restaurant |  Food-to-go sites.
  • Commercial Leasing information for Restaurant |  Food-to-go sites.
  • Breaking new markets: Foodservice  <> Retail Site <> Consumer Packaged Goods.

“That's Entertainment”

  • Positioning strategy
  • Press release
  • Product launch event
  • Advertising copy
  • Campaigns
  • Events (including trader & consumer food shows)
  • In-store sampling
  • Pop-ups
  • Awards
  • Vox pop, survey & other consumer feedback capture
  • Food | Beverage sample production

“Ongoing Key Support for Business Leaders and Innovators”

  • Information, contacts and resource sharing.
  • Talking through opportunities and challenges anytime: from long term strategy to providing options in solving daily operational barriers to sale.
  • Fast turnaround third party work review.
  • Keeping you informed of market activity: Industry news from events, medias, market updates, consumer media monitoring, competitor activity, upcoming events.
  • Alerting you to PR opportunities, brand collaborations and sales leads.

“Marketing Starts Here”

  • Naming.
  • Visual Identity.
  • Website & Social Media.
  • Business Cards, Internal Management templates.
  • Buyer Presentation, Sample Boxes, Sell Sheets, Press Packs.
  • Exhibition Stand graphics and promotional materials.
  • Landlord packs for Commercial Leasing.